I’ve been reading, thinking and talking a lot about the Israeli automotive industry, both in my recent blogposts about cars and in other places. I keep going back to the great work that Magma VC did with their Israeli automotive industry spreadsheet, so I decided to actually see what’s inside and to create a simple pie that will sum up which verticals are bigger than others. This is just a simple thing I did, but it really shows something.

Israeli Automotive Industry, by vertical, 2016

Israeli Automotive Industry, by vertical, 2016


What are we seeing here?

Sensor companies: 22

Companies that deal with parking: 12-16

Companies that build vehicles or parts of them: 10

Cyber, ride sharing: 9+9

Fleet management, location, engine: 8


Companies that were acquired: 6

Cyber: Arilou (iGo), Towersec (Harman)

Over The Air: Redbend (Harman)

Parking: Parko (EasyPark group)

Dashcam: iOnRoad (Harman)

After Market:  Saips (Ford)


And then all the rest.

Here’s the original spreadsheet

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  • What about the Gaming industry and its relevancy to the automotive industry, in the IoT “era”. For example, many of today’s cars are already occupied with multimedia systems. These systems are already internet enabled (currently, mainly through owners cellular packages), and in the future will be with constant internet connectivity, which opens a tremendous opportunities, Gaming being only one them (i.e., location based gaming that can be consumed on road). Does this industry show similar contribution as part of the major changes the automotive industry undergo, like other industries mentioned in this post?

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