In the last 2 weeks I’ve proudly been a part of a group, a social media task force, which goal is to fight a war on the social web, a war on the world’s public opinion.
In the last 2 weeks I’ve found myself watching hundreds of videos, reading reports, columns, blog posts, tracking comments, everything social media you can think about.
If you’re asking yourself what does that have to do with my post’s title- It’s this- Pornography is winning the public opinion of this war. War has nothing to do with logic, has nothing to do with reason, has nothing to do with facts. In today’s wars, the side who uses more pornography wins.

When this is the case, and when I’m standing on Israel’s side, Israel is losing the world’s public opinion because WE use less pornography while the other side is a pornography manufacturer, and you know how people like watching pornography. What do I mean when I say pornography? I just deleted a comment from a spammer that linked to an Aljazeera page, showing dead children, leaving no room for anything but sadness. This is the link, this is what I mean when I say pornography, war pornography.

It’s only when I came across some pro Israeli videos, that I realized I’m watching pornography and that WE don’t make use of it.
For years, Israel has been suffering from Terror attacks. We lived in fear from people who raise their children to want to die while killing Jews. We are bitter when the world comes to us, blaming us vicious blood sucking Jews, that “innocent women and children” die when we go fight terror. When we tell the world Hamas is using the population as Human Shilds, it’s not enough, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the Jew filter the world has, or maybe… maybe it’s that we’re not using pornography.
Should we use war pornography? Will this help the world see something else other than being totally blind to what Israel is saying?

Let’s see if we can make good pornography. The Next 2 videos are very hard to watch, but they do the trick. Don’t watch them if you’re sensitive. The last video I’ll call soft porn. It works great on subtle Europeans and post post traumatic Americans and also do the trick.

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