A few weeks ago I gave a 2 hour talk about IoT and investments to a class of Executive MBA students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am pleased to share this video with you. It’s in Hebrew, so it’s for all of you Israelis.

In this talk I connected wearables to the smart home, to the smart cars, insurance, legislation and the future of transportation. And everything got connected to investments and exits.

This is the special sauce in my talks and lectures, they are always relevant to now, to the present. And they will always give you a wide angle view on the industry, and how things are connected.

You can book me for a talk or a lecture for your students, employees and managers, in smaller or larger events anywhere in the world. I am very responsive on Linkedin or in my mail. I will be happy if you pass this invitation on to your friends, coworkers and your HR at work.


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