On June 25th, 2006 i posted a blog post on my old “USER 2.0” blog in Tapuz.
I called it “What if Microsoft buys Yahoo” and gave there some examples to the effects on users.
Here are some notes, originally in Hebrew I translated for this new post-

Microsoft buys Yahoo as it is the only way one can compete with the Google Giant.
Battle of the Giants

now let’s think about it some more:

1- Few years back Yahoo bought Flickr. Now think of the line: “Flickr- a Microsoft company”.
2- Yahoo’s email will stay under Microsoft. Yahoo’s mail is the largest webmail. Now, combined with with the new Live mail… need I say more?
3- Two years ago I said the Yahoo and MSN IMs will coexist, they work togather already.
4- Ebay works with the Yahoo Engine. On 2006, Cnet news called it a Google buster. How things change… Google didn’t bust.

Few more options:
1- Microsoft will dump the Live search engine. Compared to Yahoo, although the GUI is somewhat exciting, Yahoo’s better.
2- Two years ago i wrote Microsoft will continue using the LIVE brand after purchasing Yahoo. Now I think they should bury it and use the Yahoo brand instead. remember, if all goes as planned, it’s going to be called: “Yahoo, a Microsoft company”. Yahoo as a brand is 5000 times stronger than LIVE, no matter how you look at it.
3- Also, MS should relocate some Yahoo execs and brains from Yahoo into its own and not vice versa. MS demonstrated its ability to make fatal errors in every step she does. New blood, new hope, maybe.

Do I like the idea MS buys yahoo? No

Am I against it? I don’t know

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