For me, iDrink07 really started at around 21:00 and not in 19:00 as it should have.
19:00 was cool, there were a lot of people already but it wasn’t too crowded. By 19:45 you couldn’t move, or have more than 2 inches of space, or not be wet. It was too crowded. I can’t say anything bad, except iDrink07 was a success; a too-successful-event done in a wrong place, in a small place.

iDrink Crowded

I had to go out for some air with friends and to take a walk instead of mingling and soacializing. I got in at around 21:00, when the startup presentations were over, and when people started going outside to mingle and to get air. this is when when I got in back inside. In a matter of minutes i succeeded to meet new people, exchange cards and schedule talks to the days to come. I take these events seriously, so when i come to a social event I expect the space to fit. When I wrote in Ning i was coming, i started getting all those emails from other men and women who registered themselves… i realized it was going to be crowded, I think the organizers new it too.

so, a crowd is good. Very crowded place isn’t good. And as iDrink just became an institution for the internet industry (in a sense that “you gotta be there”) the organizers must deliver better environments next times.

photos from iDrink07

8 comments on “iDrink for the people

  • Nir you are right. we did not expect it to be so packed. and next time we ll make sure we have more space. thanks for the great pictures

  • could you also put them on flickr? i would like to create a slideshow for iDrink website. will put your credit of course

    thanks NIV

  • no, sorry, it would change the balance of my stream… if you’d look, there arent many photos from each event, just small tastes.
    if you have another suggestion, you’re welcome to suggest.

  • Niv, Thanks for the pictures, they look awesome (even the one where it looks like I’m about to pick my nouse :-) )
    Next time we’ll set the event to have more space , and btw – next time I really encourage you to watch the presentations.
    Tom – next time you must come!

  • hey eran, i actually did watch some of the presentations.
    the tv thing isnt ready yet in my opinion, the cookbug…i’d never do it, seems like a networking idea for the housewives… and i dont remember the third, but, i had no air, i was all wet from the hit, and yes- a bigger place

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