Digsby has done something no application should do to its users. I’ll tell you more than that. After I’m done writing this I’m going to uninstall this program and send them a letter to be deleted from their database, they made me angry.

It’s the second time in my life I’m angry at a startup I use its application, and this time i’m not going to shut up about it. The first was a Firefox plugin called Xoopit that connected to my Gmail and started sorting my attachments to give me a once a week email with all my photos in order. Joy. Not really.
Even after I removed this plugin it continued sending me emails until I said no more. I went to read the terms and conditions and to my amazement- they save a copy of ALL my emails in their server in the process. I’ll say that again- by installing and registering to their service- you grant them permission to save a copy of all your emails. That-made-me-angry the first time. (this is their pirvacy policy, they may have changed it in the mean time, i talked to them back in August and just re-read the conversation with them).

Digsby became known to me 2 nights ago by a friend. I was enthusiastic about a so called all-in-one IM/EMAIL/Social Network application I could see what’s going on everywhere. Well, it turned out somehow the Gtalk side didnt work but than I got a @reply from a Twitter friend telling me he’s not very enthusiastic about this program. How did he know? I asked my self this question too. It appears my Digsby sent it for me, WITHOUT ASKING.
What were you thinking to yourselves? Very not cool.

This morning I got an email notification from none other than LinkedIn. “Your request to join a LinkedIn Group has been accepted”, was written in the subject line. I ASKED TO JOIN A LINKEDIN GROUP? i asked myself?

What are those guys at digsby thinking to themselves?
There are 3743 members in the LinkedIn group called “Fans of Digsby“. I wonder how many of them truly asked to join.

An application, whether its desktop or web, shouldn’t mess with the privacy of its users. It should deffinately not give itself the privilege to write status updates for its users ( to help itself expand ) and most certanly should not attampt to link its members to groups or any other sad attampt to grow in an unnatural way. An application that does such things, who knows what it’s capable of. I don’t want to find out.

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