Human centered iot meetup

The March meetup of Wearable Valley is just around the corner, coming up March 23 and will be hosted at the Yahoo TLV offices. Yahoo are also our sponsors for the evening, so great food and drinks are on the house. Thanks Yahoo!

Location: Menachem Begin Road 154, Kardan Building, 17th floor, Tel Aviv

The event will begin at 18:00 as it’s Purim eve and some of you may be going to the first Purim parties later that night. You are more than welcome to attend with your costumes.

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Speakers and abstracts:

  • Dr. Asaf Adi is a Senior Manager at IBM Research Lab in Haifa for IoT and Wearables. He has more than fifteen years of experience at IBM Research in a wide range of roles and projects. Currently he manages a team focused on the intersection of IoT, mobile, and wearable devices. His goal is to play a leading role in driving innovation and transformation of enterprise business processes propelled by new devices, new data, and mobility. Asaf is an evangelist for wearable computing in the enterprise, co-leads the IBM internal wearable community and an active member of the Israel wearables community.Abstract
    In this session we will discuss what is Person Centric IoT and how a focus on people transforms  industries and enables new business opportunities. We will share our main insights on Person Centric IoT in the enterprise, show how businesses are using IoT and Wearable technologies to engage customers in new ways and increase employee productivity and discuss how organizations can prepare to build a sustainable and valuable approach for the Person Centric IoT era.


  • Ronnie Dan, An IoT, new media and TV technology trouper for over 20 years. Currently with CISCO’s CTAO Office, Ronnie works on technology innovation and product inception, design, market engagement and evangelism. Ronnie’s background mixes startup and corporate, and he is obsessed with personal technology and the deconstruction of the business behind technology. He takes keen interest in motorcycling, film and history, and believes we can all be redeemed through good intentions and technology.
    With 50 billion connected device​s powering our work and personal lives by 2020, and the go-to UX for many of them being a phone with a bespoke app. to interact with them, the IoT user experience paradigm is broken before being fully born. Can there be a common IoT UX? And what is it that we would seek form one?