In Cast Lead, the work of Dan Peguine  and Arik Fraimovich has introduced QassamCount, a Facebook application which used your status updates in order to tell the world how many rockets, missiles and mortar shells were fired on Israel. The success was phenomenal but Facebook decided it’s not going to allow any more “donations” of status updates like this and changed the terms of use.

What is a Qassam  Qassam Missile attack on Sderot 2007   What are Qassam rockets?

In the past 3 weeks we’ve all been hearing about the escalation in firing  Qassams, Grads and yesterday, an anti tank R.P.G rocket hit on a school bus. We’ve been working on creating the next QassamCount. please like this page.

Now, since the Facebook Terms havent changed, we found another solution that resembles the old application. It’s a bit more complicated, not one click, but it’ll do the same thing, and also, will let you choose if you want the updates to be as a Status Update, a Shared Link or a posted Note. Also, it’ll update your feed in about 15 minutes from original posting.

This is the How To Guide to connect your Facebook (and Twitter) to QASSAMCOUNT:

1- Go to and register.
(email, a password, and the confirmation link in your email)

2- Click the “Add Route” button.

3- In a new popup- copy paste QASSAMCOUNT‘s rss url:

4- Then, add a destination. Choose your Facebook (or Twitter, or whatever you use).

5- Connect your Facebook to the dlvr system

6- Move to the “Post Content” tab and choose if you want to get it as a shared link, a status update or a note.  Whatever you want.

7- In the same Tab you can also write a prefix, to give the auto update a more personal touch.

8- Click SAVE.

9- Tell your friends to do it too. Share this blog post. add the QassamCount RSS and your Facebook


Choose destination

Choose the kind of update you want. Also, write a prefix

What is a Qassam  Qassam Missile attack on Sderot 2007   What are Qassam rockets?

10 comments on “Connect QassamCount to your Facebook

  • Suggestion – since this is meant for consumption
    abroad and since people outside of Israel don’t know what a Qassam is, I
    would recommend changing the name to MissileCount

  • QassamCount started just before Cast Lead and rocketed then through facebook.
    Its already a brand name and a Qassam, just like a Grad is a unique rocket fired at Israel.

    I think that if people don’t know what Qassams are, even though on every status update it is mentioned, they should Google it.


  • I have found that people don’t have a clue of what goes on in this area of the world. 
    And many won’t bother to Google something they don’t understand.

  • I have no blog and want to connect the Qassam Missile prog to my Facebook account but have not managed to do it, help please

  • Hi Niv,
    ?There will be no more updates from
    Since the last update via was on Jan. 19 @ 21:21, I checked and nothing more there after this date.
    Taking into consideration not everyday everyone logs on to Facebook to share the FB posts, it was a good feature to have our walls updated.

  • I do not drop a comment, however I looked at a few of the responses here Connect QassamCount to
    your Facebook | Niv Calderon. I do have some questions for you if it’s okay. Is it only me or does it look like like some of the remarks look like they are written by brain dead people? :-P And, if you are posting at additional social sites, I’d like to keep up with everything new
    you have to post. Would you list of the complete urls of all your shared
    pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or
    twitter feed?

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