I took this weekend off from the social media situation room to fix my new apartment (as of January 1st) in Tel Aviv but being away from it made me realize we’re starting the second week of the fighting.

I’m now working on a paper to produce new goals, new destinations, new ideas on how to stand in our online multi-lingual, multi-cultural battle.

This is where I need you.

1- I’m looking for social thinkers from across the globe to produce breakthrough ideas and that can get them done for us.

2- I’m looking for SEO and SEM experts for advice and implementation.

3- I’m looking for cartoon artists for a project we want to create.

My phone is 972-54-6969278
My email is nivcalderon AT gmail.com
My Facebook profile is (write me a line if you friend me there)
My twitter: http://twitter.com/nivcalderon