So what have we been doing so far?
Fighting the “First Social War” made us realize we are fighting a multi-platform, multi-language, cross-cultural, cross-technology battle. Two days ago(Tuesday) I took part in building the Jerusalem Social Media Situation Room for the recent Israel Hamas conflict. Yesterday I’ve joined forces (along with other friends) with the second situation room in the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya which generously hosts us and let us use its facilities, personnel and connections.

I proudly present the social media tools we’ve launched in the last 48 hours thanks to many volunteers who helped from home or came to Jerusalem and the IDC headquarters and spent hours from their time and gave their brains, hands and used their personal social graphs to help us in this first ever organized social media war effort. War brings something else out of people, I’ve learned this in the Second Lebanon War the first time, now I realize it the second time. It’s a fascinating human phenomenon to look at, generouciry at its peak.

This is what we’ve got so far:
1- A blog: Help Us Win. The center of attention.
2- A multi language Status Report center that can show you (currently in English and French) what’s going on all over the social web, divided to tabs for the different subjects and languages.
3- A Recruiting System – please register if you wanna help.
4- a Twitter account.
5- Two Facebook groups, in English and French.
6- A Press Releases Blog for government and IDF press releases. They should be more available anyway.

These are the social tools we’ve used so far:
1- Gmail
2- Google Docs
3- WordPress
4- Tumblr
5- Picasa Web
6- Netvibes
7- Twitter
8- Facebook
9- Youtube
10- Wufoo Forms

Few last things:
1- I want to thank all the amazing people who’ve joined us in this adventure.
2- The Jerusalem and IDC situation rooms are open every day and help is always needed.
3- If you have time to come help us- do that- just come…bring a laptop if you got one.
4- I want to thank all of you who support us and support Israel on the social web.
5- Any videos, posts or photos you think worth promoting- send to
6- You can follow my Twitter as well, I tweet a lot.

6- More is yet to come.

Special personal thanks to Kfir Pravda, for his part creative thinking part coaching he’s been giving me in the last few days.

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