Hey guys,

In the past 48 hours we’ve been working on creating a social media initiative for what’s going on in South Israel.

I don’t have time to share all the details now, but from what i’ve seen so far, there a few things we need as soon as possible.

This post is probably one of many i’ll write in the near future, each of these will be as short as possible and will ask for your help in different ways. I’ll probably post this on my blog as well (www.nivcalderon.com) to give people the ability to share it, so please share it as much as you can (the Facebook note and the blog post)

Things we need right now:
1- We’re building our personnel lists now so we need a list of people you know who are willing to donate their time and passion for this cause. we need the list with these columns filled up: full name, phone, email, twitter, facebook, blog, field of specialty, languages.

Please send all lists (please use excel for this) to my email: nivcalderon at gmail.com.
Please share this as much as you can.
If you have any questions, please use the comments

i’ll keep you posted,

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