‏ This video has more than an hour of length, and it’s from the Google’s Analyst Day from October 24th, if I’m not mistaking.
I actually learned quite a lot from it, and when I say I learned, I mean that few thoughts, new thoughts came to my mind and as what I do is to tailor different thoughts and ideas into new domains (apps, theories, anthropology ect…), this video gave me a possibility to look at the projects i’m at right now and to throw myself to a different dimension of thinking about them, and that is what was so important for me about it.

Never mind the dimensions I was telling you about, look at the product manager’s self expression, look at their body language, their clothes. You can actually learn so much about them and of Google atmosphere they work in. And to Google’s credit I gotta say their product managers seem self confiedent, it’s refreshing to see, I loved it. Esspecially, the geek from Brown University who wear all brown clothes. He’s an example of what space and atmosphere you want to give your emplyees. They’re geeks? Let them celebrate it, let them connect their inner winner… and another credit (they pointed out more than 3 times in this video) is that they’re taking people right out of university, with no experience, because experience, although important stops you more than you realize. As you know, the past stops you. You may learn from it and even know what you learned, but what you dont know is where you are stopped by it, and this is something Google is doing smartly.
I wish the Israeli internet industry could learn from them.

originally from mashable