Lately, I have been thinking about Google and what is next in the evolution of the social networking war.
Google launched the attack with its Open Social. Facebook counter attacked with its Facebook Platform Architecture.


Just today i read Chris Brogan’s post about the Implications of a Google Social Network. In his post he counts the action Google does in order to create it’s Gmail, our Inbox to, in essence, THE MOTHER of all social networks. how? with the joinup with AOL to the Gtalk chat, with the new and improved Reader of theirs, with the docs being available from anywhere, with the Pages, calender, Email and everything else. In his post Brogan said: ” In fact, think about it, your social network is your contact list. No invitations necessary. That’s the coup de grace. You’re already bought in, at least insofar as Google can help you convert your friends to your new social network: your inbox.”


In my first days in Facebook I said it’s a functioning online operating system. And not only that, I thought, and i still think that if you put a working search engine inside (the Live by Microsoft- they’re there already anyway), if you make your Inbox to work properly and create an Open Office as a built in application, some RSS and a working IM- you get to perfect online open OS, I would never look back at windows.


But hey, there’s Google, they already have all these “inside” their system, but the fact is- there is no “System” to act as a house to all these apps. So, they are thinking about the inbox. Why not?!


so bottom line- wouldn’t it be an operating system?



ps- one last thing:
some years ago we thought Google would come up with a desktop competitor for Windows. I don’t think it’ll ever happen, they’ll just do it as an online system, the desktop era is soon to be over.