Few things about Google Glass today:
1- I just got version XE17.1 which is by far the worst version for Glass, that made my Glass rebooted for 10 times in 2 hours. 17.1 is an Android Kitkat version, and it’s a total disaster and you can’t develop software for it. Its a total crap.
2- Foursquare just joined Facebook, Twitter NY Times, CNN, Evernote, Path and Tumblr as mega brands trust the Glassware official store. Check In in smart glasses is intuitive more than it is on smartphone.
3- The Google Glass team on Google+ is fantastic. They answer quickly, they listen, they respond always.
4- Kill KitKat for glass or just passover it a few versions, it’s just the most unstablest version of operating system i’ve ever seen and you guys are aiming for Enterprise glassware from us? They’ll throw us from all the stairs when they see it.

The official Google Glass appstore

Gotta love the Google Glass team at Google Plus

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