Today I logged in to my Friends For Sale application on Facebook to get this note from them:

Friends for Sale Notice

Our database got corrupted after a reboot so we had to backup to December 28th’s data . We are also running temporary servers so performance may be poor.

We messed up bad and we know it. We’re hearing you guys, losing a week’s worth of data makes us look like idiots.

All our problems have been caused by one our database servers. It’s been rebooting, and backups were making it worse.

We chose to turn off backups so we could be stable, which is why things were running smoothly for a few days, but that bit us hard today.

We ask for your forgiveness for this continuing fiasco that is Friends for Sale, and we are working our asses off as we speak to fix things.

– Alex and Siqi

So after reading this I decided to forgive them. When did you last read such a touching apology on the web or anywhere for that matter?

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