Nowadays, people are inseparable from their technology, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Innovators are looking for ways of bringing technology even closer to people through wearable tech.  Wearables are essentially advanced tech that have been incorporated into various things that people wear regularly. This includes things like a bracelet or watch that also acts as a smart device, glasses that can take pictures or rings that monitors heart rate. Here are five reasons why wearables are the next big thing:

A new industry

Most of the early adopters of wearables technology are enthusiastic about how this tech will develop in the near future. They have pointed out that wearable technology offers the opportunity to increase safety of consumers, with many parents liking the idea of being able to keep their kids safe. In addition, wearables are also promoting healthier living as it encourages healthy eating, exercising and also medical care access. The new industry that has been formed to wearable technology is expected to grow exponentially considering how simple it is to use these devices.

Wearables help save lives

Wearables have an important role to play in the medical industry and could end up saving your life in the future. Consider the example of the very innovative Google Glass. This particular technology has already been deployed in medical situations and has proven quite versatile. Offering the hands-free option is a very big deal for medical professionals. This is because medicine requires the use of hands for examining patients, administering medications and also performing a procedure. Wearables like Google Glass allow medical practitioners to do all these things without interfering with their hands.

Using wearable for collecting data

With wearables such as the new Apple Watch, collecting various kinds of health data can be done seamlessly. Instead of just relying on people’s self-reported data about how they are feeling, which can be inaccurate most of the time, the Apple Watch can collect data like your heart rate and, which places you visited last based on your GPS readings. This makes data collection easier, and researchers will have access to a wider pool of data thanks to this technology.
The applications of wearables are endless, and this could create a very diverse markets. Here are five reasons why wearables are the next big thing

The Edition. Apple Watch

Augmented reality headset for effective training

This kind of device would be useful in a wide range of industries from healthcare to industries as a way of training staff and also troubleshooting any mechanical issues. The staff would just have to put on other wearables gear and would then be able to check which part of the system was not working correctly.

Wearables help to monitor the health of people

You no longer need to go for a health checkup to know your heart rate thanks to new wearables that can monitor various things about your health, including your heart beat. Cityzen is one example of a smart shirt. It can be recharged through washing, and it shows when the wearer is stressed, tired or about to get a heart attack. The other effective smart shirt is the OMsignal Biometric Smartwear that is popular among fitness enthusiasts looking to monitor their progress.The applications of wearables are endless, and this could create a very diverse market in this particular segment of technology. As these kinds of tech devices become more acceptable, their uses and benefits will also increase.


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  • Great article, would like to know when is this technology coming to android devices, Is Samsung trying this..? I know they have to be doing something along these lines…?

  • There are many products already on the market. For example the Samsung Galaxy Gear S which is for Samsung only. Additionally you have Android based smart watches like the LG Watch G.

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