A couple of Glassware developers called LiveLens decide to develop an app that records your day, a few seconds each time, a sort of Magisto for Glass.

Now, one of the hardest things to do these days within the Glass ecosystem is A- to get into the official Glassware appstore (you can look inside only if you’re a Glass Explorer) and B- to get your app known to the public with the independent websites that “host” Glass apps like Glass App Source and Glass Application List.

Ok, now think marketing. Here is what appeared on the web:

A video that showed a thief making off with someone’s Google Glass and then inadvertently filming the rest of his day has popped up on Youtube. This video went viral when not other than Business Insider reported it  saying a thief stole a man’s Google Glass in NYC and didn’t realize his day of beer-drinking and raving was being recorded. 


This type of guerrilla marketing can get you being bought by someone with big pockets.

livelens for google glass

Livelens for Google Glass

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