Firefox GUI
I have been experimenting on my Firefox’s graphical user interface after finding him insufficient for taking too much screen space.
My goal was to redesign the upper interface so that it could free space laptop screens usually does not have in abundance.
Initially I thought it would be a simple task, just opening the “Customize Toolbar” panel, inserting some more icons while removing unnecessary ones, breaking some inefficient, space devouring, toolbars and spreading their fuction buttons freely on my browser, wherever i see fit.

The answer to that is simple: the gui design of Firefox, and probably of all browsers is flawed. The upper gui takes too much valuable space that can help people get more screen space. The text boxes (address bar, search bar ect…) are wasting precious space, There is too much of empty space, that although important for people not to feel it too crowded, can be modified differently, to be more efficiant. Toolbars (look at the Facebook Toolbar as an example) are designed to take the size of the screen by default. Why is that? If you take a look at the Facebook Toolbar you would understand that its’ size can be reduced by 50%. And if we’re talking about Toolbars, why not merge them into other toolbars? Why does every toolbar takes a row of my browser and why does every toolbar creator thinks he can make it at whatever hight they want?

GUI experiments on Firefox are not advisable
When I started moving, changing and breaking my Firefox toolbars and other icons all over the place the software didn’t like it.
My Fox started behaving strangely. First- after pressing the OK button I got dubble address bars, double Google boxes, my FWD button was not where it was suppose to be and in general, al hell broke loose. My Fox acted like WW2. Second, tabs that were opened didn’t load and I had to restart the software to get where I wanted to go.

FireFox GUI
That’s my “new-old” Firefox upper GUI. Click to Enlarge.

A friend told me
I asked a friend for help. I thought that because I already had problems with my wirless driver (stopped working once a day and required a boot) and with my NVidia (I’m one of the poor bastards that got a new laptop which hardware is not compatable with Windows Vista), I just couldn’t go on without my favorite tool of communication, the Firefox. My friend offered me to delete my Firefox profile and create a new one instead. And so I did, and it worked. Now I have two profiles I can work with, one will be my experiments lab while the other will continue being my communicator to the world.

Before You Erase Your Profile
It is important to BackUp Your Passwords and it is imprtant to BackUp Your Addons List.
The main GUI is not mature enough to play with. Also, breaking toolbars and placing their componants outside of their natural habitat is inadvisable at this point.

My Firefox Addons List
Forgive me for not making your life easy with a lot of links, I know it’s not very user experienced of me, but the list is long and you are young and potent young men and women, you’ll find them no time. These are the addons I use, They make my Fox a mean machine:
Adblock– does a very good job
Adblock Filter Updater– the sidekick of the first
Customize Google– autocomplete and some more cool things for Google Post– sharing made easy and without a thought
Down Them All– a must have
Email This– for you Gmail users to send pages with 1 click.
Gmail RTL– for Hebrews
Gmail Space– use Gmail as FTP
Better Gmail 2– cool things for Gmail
Facebook RTL– Gotta love it
Facebook Toolbar– instead of being on Facebook all day
Fire Uploader– social sites file uploadr
Fire FTP– talk to your FTP
FireShot– print screens with a click
IE Tab– when assholes don’t write the websites well enough
Minimize To Tray– instead of closing the Fox
Reload Every– if you’re hungry for developments
Session Manager– saves your tabs
Tab Mix Plus– Firefox is not Firefox without it
Video Download– from youtubes
Web Developer– you gotta try it
Password Exporter– save your passwords
Hebrew Switcher– when you type hebrew instead of english
GButts– some GUI buttons, for fun

If you have cool addons please share in the comments
If you have questions please feel free to ask.

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  • this might interest you:
    In particular, the third one on the list will make sharing your list with others a lot easier.

    Note 1. the list is somewhat outdated. versions have changes, as have my usage habits.
    note 2. the reason I didn’t share this with you earlier is that I’m a sadistic bastard and wanted to put you through typing the list up by hand. :twisted:

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