I have a new game in Facebook, it’s called Blocking and it’s all about my user experience.
How many of you just hate getting those notifications from “so called” friends that use those dumb applications such as potatos, tomatos, causes, flowers, beers, maps and so on?

I mean, le’ts face it, we’d prefer if we didnt got all those apps, and we’d prefer if we saw an app on a friend’s profile, loved it and went to look for it. Like in Firefox for example. And also, why do we have to send this app to everyone even before we got to see if we like it or not? Why not test it, and than send it to friends to evaluate?
Those apps became the modern (Facebook) era junk mail.

So, as my time in this so called “Social Utility” is precious to me, first, I’d rather not deal with junk and second- i’d rather have fun. So I thought of a game. All you need for it is a tab enabled browser.

This game has two play options:

1- You wait till a friend sends you an invitation to add an app, you click on the app link instead of the ignore button, go to the down right corner of the app page and click Block This Appliction link.

block application screen shot
The Block- Click to enlarge

2- You go to the apps page on , choose the apps you want to block, opens them in new tabs and block’em one after the other.
It’s a fun game I play every few days. I play it for 2 minutes each time and block around ten apps each time. Than I get bored with it. But it works… as you’ll start payng the Blocking Game on facebook you’ll see you dont block everything, you’ll probably want to block the apps you statistically get most emails about. You’ll feel very good about it because it’ll be like doing a good search engine optimization (SEO) to yourself only without any search engine involved. You’ll automatically have more fun on Facebook, not futilly ignoring new apps but sofisticatedly blocking them, because Resistance Is not Futile.

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