I just got a message from a girl I really haven’t spoken to since high school (ten years minimum) and even than it was a Hi Hi communication, a party from time to time and really nothing else.

Last time I saw her was a few weeks ago in the iDrink, and only than i realized it’s not the last time.

Facebook is many things. One of its qualities is being a sort of yellow pages that as the Yellow Pages commercial says: “If you’re not there you do not exist”. Moreover, Facebook is like a refrigerator where you put your notes, where you and your family communicate on a daily basis- I made you a salad, I love you, leave the chicken to me, Niv has posted a note, your girlfriend tagged you in a photo, Dan and John joined the AA group after coming home wasted from the party yesterday, your friend from age 11 took photos in…

The world is flat, there is no more doubt about it. Moreover, the world is small, we can’t escape our social past and as we reconnect connections we once had, we’re tying new connections, new social meeting points (people) in our unending social web until death do us part.

So as facebook keeps our world small in the sense that we’re still in touch with people who we studied with when we were kids, it also enlarges our social web but not only in the virtual reality, in reality itself.