The usability of the Events application on Facebook
After reading Jeff Pulver’s note about Facebook becoming his portal for business communication I started thinking how to overcome the system flaw which is Facebook’s inbox and how to really make it possible not to lose track
of all the dates, events and meetings one has in his day to day and harness Facebook, although not equipped, to this job.
So first, Facebook’s Events application does an awesome job.
when you have a business meeting, or a date, create an event for it, make it a private event so no one except you and who you choose can watch it.

In this event you can start communicating through the Wall system and not worry your messages with your partner are lost in your inbox.
Consider you schedule a business meeting 2 weeks in advance. A lot of communications will run in your inbox all that time. An event representing a

meeting will be the exceptional communication and it’ll always be there in your news feed page you never miss.