1- All new media specialists know that most marketing executives don’t get social media unless its broken down to the language they get, i.e a simple “show me the money” ROI conversation.

2- It is crystal clear to new media people that there’s a lot of money in social but that the money never comes straight forward but rather indirectly. Dell, however, showed it’s possible to make it in the shortest way possible.

3- Customer support was the new marketing of 2009. We’re now at 2012. Crowd sourcing is the new marketing.

4- Community management is a new role companies should hire. It comes a few years after the social media manager/director role was invented, circa 2007-8.

5- Crowd sourcing and community management should be combined.

6- Companies already use crowd sourcing for customer support by using forums.

7- Companies should invest in the R&D of crowd sourcing. It will allow them to grow in the areas of R&D, customer support, customer relations, marketing, sales, future projects and PR.

8- ROI from crowd sourcing will come more from indirect ways than it will come from direct ones.

Here’s a short video about crowd sourcing

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