We’re living in the age of technology, we’re living in the age of crowds, we’re living in the age of no privacy, the age of the people, few years after we started realizing the world is flat (amazon), and have no doubt- the world is flat.

In this day and age, advocacy, the regular advocacy, as you all know it, is dead. Sure, you can still see it in the news from time to time, you can watch it on youtube, but the greatness of the few good women and men working in the advocacy  business is like shooting the Spanish army with arrows while they came to hit the Mayans with rifles.

Why Climb a mountain? Because it’s there. Star Trek 5

Although regular, flesh and blood, face to face, international, cross country advocacy is very important, its too expansive, too low volume, too low tech, too slow and doesn’t allow the masses to opt-in in an age when “power to the people” is a fact of life.

I’ll give you an example to what I’m saying: today a lot of people are spending a lot of time in pro Israel advocacy online even though they don’t get paid and no one asked them (in the other side it’s even more wide spread). If you ask them, they’ll tell you it’s important to them and its the least they could do. Bu I want to argue one more thing about it: They enjoy it and that’s the secret of it all. This is the secret and this is the solution. People are enjoying advocating for things they love, and when they can also see who’s on their side and who’s against them it turns them on even more. Cause and effect. People are advocating online almost religiously because they can. They do it from the same reason people are climbing a mountain- because it’s there.

And that’s why only crowd sourcing can make a difference in the field of advocacy, because the power of the many outreach and out maneuver the power of the few or the one and the side who understands this and acts sooner  accordingly will dominate the conversation.

You cannot defeat people doing something from love or joy, it’s futile. Enroll them to your side.

PS- In the context of  today’s online security threats, you can replace the word advocacy with business intelligence/politics/information/security/hacking  and you’ll get the same solution, crowd sourcing is the new kid on the block.

Late edit: a post in Hebrew about Mass intelligence vs. Gov’ intelligence
עריכה מאוחרת: אינטליגנציה מדינתית תיכשל מול אינטליגנציית המונים


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