Corry the Car was very excited. His lights were flashing with fury. The show floor manager had told him that today his new owner was coming to pick him up.

“Where am I going?” he asked the floor manager. But the floor manager was just too busy. Just then he saw a stack of invoices on the floor manager’s desk. What could this mean, he thought to himself. Good thing I have a built in camera to find out. Corry focused real hard and used all of his x8 zoom. He managed to maintain his resolution just long enough to see that his owner was coming to pick him up in 30 minutes and drive him all the way to Spokan, Washington. Spokan?! Where’s that?! Sounds far.

I know, he exclaimed, I can look it up in Google Maps, and then set up the best course to get there. I’ll have it all ready before my owner gets here and displayed on the screen. My new owner will be so impressed.

Corry really wanted everything to go perfect when he met his new owner. He checked his tire pressure, made sure the air conditioning was set to the optimal temperature for that day, and defrosted the windows. He then calculated the best time to leave the showroom to get home fastest and sent the data to his new owner’s app using his shiny new broadband connection.

Corry was so excited that he completely forgot his electric batteries were low and he would not be able to make it to the nearest station.

Bumpers and buffers, Corry was very upset. His first time driving out of the show floor with his new owner would be ruined.

Corry the Car and the Internet of Things

Humanized cars. From the movie: Cars

The floor manager was very upset with Corry too: “You have been a very irresponsible car, Corry. You need to be better organized. Now quickly open up your owner’s Outlook account and send an email to Ivan from IT requesting a rush order of new batteries.” “I just hope they’ll get here on time.” Said Corry.

The new owner was set to come in 30 minutes and Corry the car was very nervous that he wouldn’t make it in time. So Corry sent Ivan a request to link up their Waze accounts through Facebook. Corry could see that Ivan would not make it in time so he quickly sent a notification to his new owner’s cell phone telling him that the delivery needs to be pushed back by 30 minutes.

Finally, Ivan arrived and Corry got his new batteries. His engine was bubbling with energy and even the floor manager was most impressed with Corry’s efficiency.

Just then, Corry’s new owner arrived. “Everything is ready for you, sir” said the floor manager. “Your batteries are fully charged and directions have been plotted. And don’t worry about hitting traffic Corry likes driving in traffic by himself.” The floor manager winked at Corry.

“You’re a very useful car” said the floor manager to Corry as he drove off with his new owner at the wheel.

Corry the Car and the Internet of Things