Yesterday was Wordcamp Israel 2008 and I was asked to be the photographer for this event, so i was, gladly. Many others already wrote about this event, plus, my original post was lost somehow, so this is actually my second post I write about WordPressIsrael2008, the tag for this event in search engines. So, because… Read More

My laptop died so I couldnt uplad new materials to the blog since Wordcamp was finished. But now, thanks to…whatever… I bring you one of the video logs I made during the convention, and it’s in English. Well, actually it’s bilingual… you’ll get the nothion. Have fun… Read More

These, in points, are the things that influenced me the most: 1- Kfir Pravda explaining in detail about how to organize Facebok, LinkedIn and the blog to your advantage as tools you work with, making me understand there are some more things I can learn on social media influence. 2- Maya Marom introducing the FireBug… Read More

There can be live blogging if there arent any photos to wash your eyes with. Here are some of my collections from today: all photos: Niv Calderon, license is CC More photos can be found on my Flickr ser and on my Facebook Technorati Tags: Wordcamp2007israel, photos, tel aviv… Read More

** Internet here is slow… it’s hard to race other users here for the bandwidth… I’m gonna try the Windows Live Writer my friend Yosi Taguri suggested to me long time ago on the Blogference back in July…   ** I see many friends and people I Know and love, people from the industry, bloggers,… Read More

בבוקר דאגתי לרשת האלחוטית במכללת אפקה. אתם יודעים, הכל מתחיל ונגמר ב- WiFi, ועוד חבורה של בלוגרים, ישחטו אותנו… הגעתי למכללה והתחלנו לסדר את התגים, החולצות וכל שאר הדברים שהיו צריכים להסתדר. לקחתי על עצמי לסדר את עניין החשמל באולם המרכזי. ביקשתי מהאחראי על האולם שיסדר לנו כבלים מאריכים ומפצלים. זה הצליח, המכללה נתנה לנו… Read More