A few weeks ago I gave a 2 hour talk about IoT and investments to a class of Executive MBA students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am pleased to share this video with you. It’s in Hebrew, so it’s for all of you Israelis. In this talk I connected wearables to the smart home,… Read More

תמונה של לוואר ברטון, ג׳ורדיה לה פורג׳, מסע בין כוכבים הדור הבא

Shut Up and Take My Money. When Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook bought Oculus Rift for the social aspect of it I remember people raised their eyebrows. Well, he was right and the people with the eyebrows were short sided. We’re not completely there yet, as we have few more cycles of Moore’s Law until we get the VR… Read More

A new SDK out of our local IBM labs in Israel that makes it simple to mobile developer to connect with multiple and different Wearable devices. Check out the gesture recognition algorithm generator that will make gesture recognition as easy as it can be. Please share your feedback, questions and thoughts… Read More

Wearable Technology Will Be Like Air

When you have a laptop and a mobile phone its one thing. We used to be PC first. Now there are no companies who don’t deliver a mobile GUI experience. Mobile first is the today of things, and if you’re not building it for people’s palm, you’re doing it wrong. The advertising industry has a say: Go digital or… Read More

Five reasons why Wearable Technology is the next big thing

Nowadays, people are inseparable from their technology, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Innovators are looking for ways of bringing technology even closer to people through wearable tech.  Wearables are essentially advanced tech that have been incorporated into various things that people wear regularly. This includes things like a bracelet or watch that… Read More

Insights About Developing Wearable technologies

Everyone is talking about wearables. Companies like Fitbit or Jawbone defined the term and grew a lot during the last years. Even more companies are joining that club currently. It’s fun using these products, especially from a tech point of view. So, I was quite confused that some friends told me they own one of… Read More