I’ve been reading, thinking and talking a lot about the Israeli automotive industry, both in my recent blogposts about cars and in other places. I keep going back to the great work that Magma VC did with their Israeli automotive industry spreadsheet, so I decided to actually see what’s inside and to create a simple pie that will sum… Read More

If you leave Waze and Mobileye out of the picture,  for regular Israelis, if they are not techies, to say there is an automotive industry in our small country sounds ridiculous. Yeah, we built half a car, the Sussita some 300 years ago, but since then, we know how to build tanks (The Merkava tanks) and… Read More

Uber Volvo Otto self driving car

Ford is co-investing $150M (together with Baidu) in an expensive self driving technology called Lidar from a company called Velodyne. According to BBC, Ford plans on having a fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel, mass produces and on the road in 2021. Business Insider says “It’s commonly accepted in the auto industry that Lidar is the… Read More

Kutsuplus self driving bus

As Finland declared its wish to make car ownership pointless by year 2025, two self-driving buses have rolled out on to the public roads of Helsinki, alongside real traffic and commuters, in one of the first trials in the world. The buses will be “On Demand” and commuters would be able to call them via… Read More