A few weeks ago I gave a 2 hour talk about IoT and investments to a class of Executive MBA students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am pleased to share this video with you. It’s in Hebrew, so it’s for all of you Israelis. In this talk I connected wearables to the smart home,… Read More

Uber Volvo Otto self driving car

Ford is co-investing $150M (together with Baidu) in an expensive self driving technology called Lidar from a company called Velodyne. According to BBC, Ford plans on having a fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel, mass produces and on the road in 2021. Business Insider says “It’s commonly accepted in the auto industry that Lidar is the… Read More

Tesla Gigafactory

On the month that Elon Musk is buying Solar City, and 4 months after the record breaking pre-orders of the Model 3, Panasonic, one of the first investors in Gigafactory, has announced it is raising a $3.9B investment to keep up with the aggressive growth of Gigafactory, i.e, many more batteries and more workforce. The… Read More

Who Invests in Hardware

While many angels and VCs are still skittish about hardware startups, there has been a massive renaissance in the hardware funding ecosystem over the last few years. With this explosion in hardware funding, one of the questions we get all the time is, “who else is investing in hardware?” This amazing piece of hardware related… Read More

Investing in B2B IoT Makes More Sense

The interesting thing with the Big Bang is that it started as a tiny dot in the nothingness of the ultimate nothing, and the explosion created both time and space in an ever expanding way.… Read More