A few weeks ago I gave a 2 hour talk about IoT and investments to a class of Executive MBA students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am pleased to share this video with you. It’s in Hebrew, so it’s for all of you Israelis. In this talk I connected wearables to the smart home,… Read More

Uber Volvo Otto self driving car

Ford is co-investing $150M (together with Baidu) in an expensive self driving technology called Lidar from a company called Velodyne. According to BBC, Ford plans on having a fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel, mass produces and on the road in 2021. Business Insider says “It’s commonly accepted in the auto industry that Lidar is the… Read More

Texas Instruments: Addressing the IoT Challenge [Invitation]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting things, people and cloud services to enable new use cases and business models. We are currently at the IoT inflection point, but we must ask what is driving the huge buzz and why is it happening now? From a “things” point of view – there are… Read More

Corry the Car and the Internet of Things

Corry the Car was very excited. His lights were flashing with fury. The show floor manager had told him that today his new owner was coming to pick him up. “Where am I going?” he asked the floor manager. But the floor manager was just too busy. Just then he saw a stack of invoices… Read More