livelens for oogle glass

A couple of Glassware developers called LiveLens decide to develop an app that records your day, a few seconds each time, a sort of Magisto for Glass. Now, one of the hardest things to do these days within the Glass ecosystem is A- to get into the official Glassware appstore (you can look inside only if… Read More

כמעט מידי יום אני נתקל בסיפורים ובסרטים מעניינים שמתקשרים למחשוב לביש אז החלטתי לשתף קצת מכל הטוב הזה. אגב, אם יש לכם טאבלט, אתם יכולים לעשות מנוי לפליפבורד של Wearable Valley כדי לקבל סיפורים על מחשוב לביש ישירות לטאבלט שלכם. ואם עוד לא הצטרפתם לקהילה בפייסבוק- קוראים לנו Wearable Valley וזה המקום שהופך להיות ה- MUST למפתחים וליזמי… Read More

Lightbulb, at Sosa TLV

Recent changes to Facebook and recent changes in how I use Google+ made me realize this: 1- The amount of views and interaction on fb pages decreased in a way that you need to post every 3 hours (just look at the Business Insider timings) and become a title/caption whore in order to point to… Read More

A few days ago I saw a promotional video of a guy, a maker, who wants to raise money for a small project to build 3D stuff to put on the Glass. He said that Google Glass is just like your smartphone, you can text with it, Google with it, phone call with it, take… Read More

Credit: Augmented Reality Trends

As a Glass explorer I take my Glass to many places. Yes, the battery is undeniably weak, the (very few) apps Glass has lack innovation or sophistication and the voice recognition, well, let’s say as long as you have a New York accent you’re in the safe zone. But. Once you wear Glass for a… Read More

When you wear Google Glass for more than a minute and walk around with it, you realize you always know the time. You know a piece of information that once you had to look at your phone to know it, and before that, you had to look at your wrist. So, time isn’t just time,… Read More