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קראתי את הכתבה בדהמארקר שבאה לגרום לקוראים לחשוב קצת על ההשלכות החברתיות/אתיות של שימוש ברכבים אוטונומיים. מרוב שהיא מלאה באי דיוקים, משפטים חסרי משמעות או לא קשורים, הנה היא כאן, העתק הדבק ובתוך מרכאות, והתגובה שלי על כל פסקה כמעט, מחוזקת בבולד. ״ההחלטה של הרשויות בקליפורניה להפסיק את הפעלת צי המכוניות ללא נהג של חברת… Read More


In my years as an entrepreneur and techie in general, I’ve seen many trends come and go. I don’t think I’ve seen any vertical grow this fast like the smart, connected, autonomous vehicle vertical. Indeed, vehicles are not a standalone vertical, as it consists of sub verticals (click for a list), which each one of… Read More

Google’s Waymo is planning to license their self-driving technology to automakers and trucking companies, rather than actually manufacture cars like in the video above. Fiat Chrysler is the first deal with 100 minivans for testing, not for selling. Google has been a company that’s long been at the forefront of autonomous vehicles, and it doubled the number of cities… Read More

A few weeks ago I gave a 2 hour talk about IoT and investments to a class of Executive MBA students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and I am pleased to share this video with you. It’s in Hebrew, so it’s for all of you Israelis. In this talk I connected wearables to the smart home,… Read More

I’ve been reading, thinking and talking a lot about the Israeli automotive industry, both in my recent blogposts about cars and in other places. I keep going back to the great work that Magma VC did with their Israeli automotive industry spreadsheet, so I decided to actually see what’s inside and to create a simple pie that will sum… Read More

If you leave Waze and Mobileye out of the picture,  for regular Israelis, if they are not techies, to say there is an automotive industry in our small country sounds ridiculous. Yeah, we built half a car, the Sussita some 300 years ago, but since then, we know how to build tanks (The Merkava tanks) and… Read More