Every day, I read a lot about the autonomous car industry. I don’t remember an industry running so fast, as auto makers, startups, insurance companies and governments, all working individually and collectively to prepare for the day when self driving cars are the norm.

So the first thing I decided to do is to create a collaborative map of the autonomous cars industry and I have written about it in my last article here on Linkedin. The second thing I decided doing is write a (daily) brief of up to 5 interesting links about the autonomous car industry and I’ll be happy to get your insight about what interests you and how I can make this better and long lasting.


Ford will show a new Fusion Hybrid autonomous test vehicle at CES. The new car will have two LiDARs instead of four. The car will have three cameras discreetly mounted on the two roof racks, as well as a forward-facing camera hidden under the windshield. The car will be able to see 2 football fields ahead in each direction and will create 1TB of data daily.

Source: Ford


Waymo, the new Google/Alphabet company that builds AV technology is on the verge of closing a new deal (first was Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), with Honda. Source: MotorTrend


Today (Tuesday, Jan 3) marks the first time a self-driving car will hit city streets in Boston. Cambridge-based nuTonomy will start testing a self-driving car in a small section of South Boston in the 191-acre Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park. Source. Source: Wbur

Autonomous Vehicles Collaborative Map:

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