Every day, I read a lot about the autonomous vehicle industry and I find it fascinating. I don’t remember an industry moving so fast, as auto makers, startups, insurance companies and governments, all working individually and collectively to prepare for the day when self driving cars are the norm.

Is your company the autonomous vehicles field? Add your company or organization to this collaborative map.

Every day I will post a daily brief with the most interesting news about this industry. I will keep it short, and up to 5 pieces each post, this is my private “daily autonomous”. Also, I will invite you every day to add your company to this collaborative map I’ve put up. Great. Let’s begin.


As cars are rapidly becoming some of the world’s most intelligent, connected devices, Intel confirms 15% stake in mapping business ‘Here’ to work on autonomous car tech. Source: Techcrunch


Volkswagen is moving toward in-car payments. Over 380 million connected cars will be on the road by 2021. The market has seen a significant increase in automakers plans to connect the majority of the vehicles they sell and as a result, we’ve increased our 2015 forecast. Source: Business Intelligence


Norway is the newest addition to the Autonomous Vehicles Map as its government is about to pass a law in the matter. Source rww


Subaru is holding a hackathon in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 31, 2017. The event will focus on what will be the future of cars 25 years from now, in the following fields:

1- Innovation Safety

2- Accumulation of data – how to use data for the benefit of the driver in the future.

3- Hack Future of eyesight – How to utilize the current SUBARU technology to 25 years from now.

More details here


Collaborative Map Shows Worldwide Evolving Autonomous Vehicle Industry

Autonomous Vehicles Map

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