As I wrote yesterday in my Facebook status line- I went out to the Rosa Parks bar With Gilad and Lotem, where I happily met old friends, photographers from all over the media in Israel. They Told me Adi Himelbloy, a young actress/model/talent/whatever, is coming to celebrate her 24th birthday with her friends here.


For me, it was a long time since I’ve done a photography job for news or culture, but the joy of seeing them all together, with the excitement of all the cameras and the jungle around it made me feel happy.


So I decided to post a video log about the photographers, to show you all some behind the scenes paparazzi talks and actions with some personal laughs, running and un-censored self material.


I have another piece in Youtube I took earlier, a behind the scenes video, i didn’t feel should be here, but you’re welcome to see how it’s like when photographers are waiting for their subject of work.




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