I need a new laptop. my beloved, yet old and heavy IBM T30’s cable has malfunctioned and left my laptop’s battery dead and run out.
It actually left me with my other laptop, a shitty, very unreliable 1 kilo Toshiba Portage that get stuck on every move.Two things (it might be more though) i thought about in the last two days. One is that I wanna find a new word for my cellular phone and the only word that comes into mind is a Communicator, originally from Star Trek. My cell phone is run by a symbian OS, has Blue Tooth, WiFi capability, a camera ( i use more than i use the phone as a phone) and and some open office apps at my disposal. In essence, i communicate with it more, in the wide sense of the word communication than i speak the phone with it.

The second thing I thought about was that, even though I thought trying a new rss reader would do me good, i see, i dont use the web based service I started. What would work for me? after trying the browser version and the web version, i’m willing to try an application that would act like a messenger service. I want a small window that will show me my contacts (rss feed names). The details of it aren’t important. i’m gonna find what’s new in this erea that wouldnt take all of my PC’s power.

Third thing is that I invented a Facebook application for desktops. Its answers needs i found for myself (often, needs of many, as i found out) and originally drew it down on a napkin on a restaurant after i read Jeff Pulver’s status on Facebook. He was “inspired”.