Niv Calderon is a wearable tech entrepreneur, a marketing professional and a public speaker. Niv offers his professional services in the following fields: Niv Calderon ניב קלדרון

Wearable Technology / Startups

Hundreds of hours of hands-on experience with Google Glass and with Glass developers, Niv is a Glass Explorer, researching this industry to develop Glass related products and building and managing Wearable Valley. You should Contact Niv if you need help with the following fields:

  1. Product characterization and design – Hands-On work on developing your wearable products.
  2. Market research work - Current players and trends, understanding where the market is going to be – White papers and consulting, one on one.
  3. Build your startup’s online presence effectively- From a marketing plan to execution and results. Content, video, distribution, everything.
  4. Business networking- Use Niv’s vast network of connections in the field. Developers, designers, investors, opinion leaders, journalists and others.

Professional Speaking

Niv speaks mainly about:
1- Wearable technology and innovation
2- New media strategy: Marketing, online communities and how to go viral
3- Digital public diplomacy: Israel and the IDF online, digital crisis management, digital politics

To find out more details, go to Niv’s Speaking Page.

Social Media and Beyond

Niv has years of experience in content marketing, community building & management, hackathons and garage events production, crisis management, digital diplomacy and wartime strategy and tactics. These are the knowledge, experience and tools that Niv brings onboard to help you achieve your goals. Contact Niv if you need help with the following fields:

  1. Understanding the landscape of social networks and how your organization can use them – Coaching and mentoring sessions face to face/Skype.
  2. Creating your business social strategy 
    1. A social media plan and execution – you take me as your social media manager
    2. Coaching your social media intern to become a ninja
  3. Issue  and crisis management – Helping you to go through crises, using your web and social presence. Strategic consulting and hands on work until the issue is solved.
  4. producing community events to promote your organization’s needs. From forming the idea to executing it and pushing it to social media and PR. Black belt in producing hackathons and garage events.

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