Wearable Technology Will Be Like Air


The first startup I worked at in 2007 was called "Wiser Codes", we developed a BI artificial intelligence that will help businesses get better results online. I remember I had an idea back then, that I needed one place to read and write from/into all my online presence (read everything, post everywhere, and have a unified social graph). You'll probably think of Hootsuite now (still not it in my opinion), but back then it was a new thing (and Facebook was smaller than Myspace), so from working on a BI startup we pivoted into social networks centered startup. Back then I remember doing all the market research about where social media is going, the term web 2.0 was a huge buzz word and I came across a superstar analyst called Charlene Li who published a presentation called "The Future of Social Networks" (2008).

The most important slide had just one simple sentence in it and it was totally true, totally clear and totally  foreseeing the future: "Social networks will be like air". Obvious today but not so obvious back then. "What will I do on Facebook?! Why do I need a Twitter? These people don't have lives! I don't want everybody to know what I'm doing! This was the sentiment back then.

Back to present day. "Wearable technology is an emerging global market with exciting momentum. According to market research generated by IDC and reported by the Los Angeles Times, shipment volumes for wearable technology are expected to exceed 19 million units in 2014, more than tripling sales from 2013." (Chuck Brooks, Xerox).In the field of wearable tech, it is still pretty much an uncharted territory, people still need to invent and create pretty much everything. It's like a new continent, hell, it's like a new planet. What do you need to build? Everything.

Bottom Line

Wearable technology will be like air. Yes, wearable devices and the technology surrounding them will be like air in the next 5-7 years. The concept of "wearable networks" will take form sometime in the next 7-12 years, i.e all your wearables will be connected and networked with one another and will probably control/interact with other IoT (internet of things) devices (car, fridge, TV, A/C, doors…).


Enough with the future, look at what's happening now, that's what’s on the market in wearable tech, you think its going to get smaller?!
(thanks to CloudTweaks for the infographic)

Hack Valley – האקאתון מחשוב לביש 28-29 באוגוסט במודיעין

Hack Valley הוא האקאתון טכנולוגיות לבישות שמופק ע"י מתחם היזמות MESH  במודיעיןארגון MTC לבני נוער, וקהילת Wearable Valley בפייסבוק.

 ההאקאתון פתוח לכל מתכנת/ת, מעצב/ת ויזמ/ית העוסקים או רוצים להתנסות בפיתוח טכנולוגיות לבישות.
בהאקאתון יקחו חלק בני נוער שעוסקים בתכנות, עיצוב ויזמות רגע לפני גיוס ליחידות הטכנולוגיות. 

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First Case Study for Google Glass for Advertising That I Know Of

A couple of Glassware developers called LiveLens decide to develop an app that records your day, a few seconds each time, a sort of Magisto for Glass.

Now, one of the hardest things to do these days within the Glass ecosystem is A- to get into the official Glassware appstore (you can look inside only if you're a Glass Explorer) and B- to get your app known to the public with the independent websites that "host" Glass apps like Glass App Source and Glass Application List. Continue reading

הסיפורים החמים במחשוב הלביש

כמעט מידי יום אני נתקל בסיפורים ובסרטים מעניינים שמתקשרים למחשוב לביש אז החלטתי לשתף קצת מכל הטוב הזה. אגב, אם יש לכם טאבלט, אתם יכולים לעשות מנוי לפליפבורד של Wearable Valley כדי לקבל סיפורים על מחשוב לביש ישירות לטאבלט שלכם.

ואם עוד לא הצטרפתם לקהילה בפייסבוק- קוראים לנו Wearable Valley וזה המקום שהופך להיות ה- MUST למפתחים וליזמי מחשוב לביש. Continue reading

למה צריך קהילת מחשוב לביש בישראל

כשקוראים לישראל סטארטאפ ניישן, אחד הדברים שמדברים עליו הוא האקו סיסטם שבתוכו צומחים סטארטאפים. בין השאר מדברים על הצבא, על הבגרות של ישראלים צעירים לעומת העולם, מדברים על המדען הראשי, האינקובטורים והאווירה שבתוכה גדלנו (והרשימה נמשכת). מה שלא מדברים עליו כמעט זה הקהילות העצמאיות שמייצרות אירועים, כנסים, מפגשים והזדמנויות ליצור שיתופי פעולה ולהנביט רעיונות חדשים לכדי עסקים טכנולוגיים. זו חוליה חשובה ועקרונית בד.נ.א של היזמות הישראלית, שכן האירועים האלה מייצרים את הדבק שתומך אחר כך בקהילות המקוונות וחזור למפגשים הפיזיים שמאפשרים לעוד אנשים לחבור לאנשים אחרים. אין חשוב מכך. Continue reading

Glass XE17.1 Disaster and Hello Foursquare

Few things about Google Glass today:
1- I just got version XE17.1 which is by far the worst version for Glass, that made my Glass rebooted for 10 times in 2 hours. 17.1 is an Android Kitkat version, and it's a total disaster and you can't develop software for it. Its a total crap.
2- Foursquare just joined Facebook, Twitter NY Times, CNN, Evernote, Path and Tumblr as mega brands trust the Glassware official store. Check In in smart glasses is intuitive more than it is on smartphone. Continue reading

Why Use Google Plus Over Facebook

Recent changes to Facebook and recent changes in how I use Google+ made me realize this:

1- The amount of views and interaction on fb pages decreased in a way that you need to post every 3 hours (just look at the Business Insider timings) and become a title/caption whore in order to point to the lowest common denominator of your page's fans.
2- So you need to buy likes in order for people to, well, like you. Then you need to pay in order for those likes to read you. Then you need to change the way you naturally write in order for people to engage more on Facebook. It just doesn't seem right. Continue reading

My Recent Notes About Glass

March 21st:

1- The new framed Google Glass. Not mine, but i'll have a pair soon. It's just more natural.

2- It feels like the Israeli wearable developers community just grew bigger. And younger. Young teens (age 13) develop to #googleglass here. Most interesting idea i've seen so far for Glass was pregnancy analytics. — atGoogle Tel-Aviv. Continue reading

Why Glass Technology Will Change Everything

A few days ago I saw a promotional video of a guy, a maker, who wants to raise money for a small project to build 3D stuff to put on the Glass. He said that Google Glass is just like your smartphone, you can text with it, Google with it, phone call with it, take pictures etc. I agree with him in all that, but I think that Glass should be compared to iPhone 1. iPhone 1 changed how we communicate, how we use phones, it disrupted, destroyed and created multiple industries and brought science fiction one step closer to become a fact of life. Continue reading

Google Glass A-HA Moment & The Law

As a Glass explorer I take my Glass to many places. Yes, the battery is undeniably weak, the (very few) apps Glass has lack innovation or sophistication and the voice recognition, well, let's say as long as you have a New York accent you're in the safe zone.


Once you wear Glass for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, you get it, continuously. Continue reading